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IBCLC Professional Breastfeeding Assistance

(Clinic visits Covered by OHIP)

Connect with Laura to visit the Hamilton Clinic. 

(905) 308-3214.

Text for fastest response time.

Consultations at the Clinic

Please fill out the patient registration form to book your first appointment. Your information is kept securely on record with Dr. Salim, a local Pediatrician at the Hamilton and Brantford clinics. 

Clinic visits are fully insured through OHIP

(for more details, contact Laura)

The Clinic is open with continued Covid19 Protocols.

Clinic Hours of Business

Monday  10am - 2pm  (Appointment by schedule only)

Tuesday - Closed

Wednesday 10am-2pm (Appointment by schedule only)

Thursday 10am - 2pm  (Appointment by schedule only)

Friday  10am - 2pm (drop ins available)

Weekends - Texts and call consults only

At Home Visit

Call or email to schedule an appointment for Laura to make home visits. Providing private consultation in the comfort of your own home.

Unfortunately, home visits are not covered through OHIP

For details regarding mileage, please contact Laura.

$200.00 + Mileage

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