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Consultations &

Private Home Visits

There are two ways to get connected with Laura.

Visit the Mount Hope Clinic or schedule an at home visit to have Laura come to your house.

Consultations at the Clinic

The clinic is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am-2pm. Drop ins are welcome, along with your toddler(s). Laura can assist you with technique and assess your baby's progress.

Please fill out each of the 3 forms prior to your first visit. Your information is kept securely on record with Dr. Salem, the local Pediatrician Laura works with, located at the Brantford Pediatric Clinic.

Clinic visits are fully insured through OHIP

(for more details, contact Laura)

The Clinic is now open with new Covid19 Protocols.

Unfortunately we are unable to run open drop in sessions. At this time all appointments must be booked through Laura prior to your visit to ensure the cleanliness of the clinic and the safely of our clients.

Any forms Laura has asked you to fill out can be found by clicking on the buttons above.

At Home Visit

Call or email to schedule an appointment for Laura to make home visits. Providing private consultation in the comfort of your own home.

Unfortunately, home visits are not covered through OHIP

For details regarding mileage, please contact Laura.

$40.00 + Mileage

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